George Shepherd has more than 40 years of supervisory and management experience in corporate, industrial and health care food services. His experiences have covered all aspects of operating a successful and profitable business, including business strategy, team building, menu costing, kitchen and dining room design and food production. George has a keen eye for cost savings and operational improvements.

He has planned and directed the renovation and construction of dining rooms and a cafeteria. This initiative resulted in a cost savings of over a million dollars for the client through the elimination of employee subsidized meals and operation on a cash break-even basis.

George has also been involved in teaching within the food service industry and was on the Advisory Board of the George Brown School of Hospitality.

As a founding member of the Board of Directors for Canadian Food Service Supervisors and then president for three years, George played an active role in developing the policies and future paths for the food industry. George is proud of the achievement in being the first corporate cafeteria awarded the Eat Smart Award from the Toronto Public Health. George’s greatest satisfaction comes from planning, directing and achieving a profitable and welcome finished food product.

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